So why not us?

Have you seen the new borat movie? If not, its pretty funny but, there’s a woman in the film who basically babysits borats fully grown adult daughter and gives her great advice to help guide her in the process. Its actually pretty inspiring. The woman in the film had no clue it was a movie until filming was complete so, her kindness was genuine. So genuine and moving in fact, a GoFundMe was started for her and to date has raised almost $183,000! Thats amazing and well deserved.

You ever see those videos on Facebook where super generous people raise money for a person who served them at a restaurant recently? I just saw one the other day of an elderly pizza delivery guy. This couple kept requesting him to specifically deliver their pizza order so they could talk and get to know him better. Eventually, they decided to take to the Tik-Tok platform and get their followers to raise money for the man and they raised over $12,000 for him. Also pretty amazing!

Here’s a question. Is it wrong that I wish something like that would happen to my wife and I? Lol. I mean im as humble as they come and don’t follow my passions in life to simply make a buck but, im not oblivious to the real need for money in this world. Besides, if it comes down to being deserving I feel like we’d be top candidates.

No, I didn’t start visiting children in need as Spider-Man and didn’t build an organization around it to do that either. In fact, ive given more to others than I’ve ever done for myself. Thats the issue though. I give and I give, meanwhile, I couldn’t buy my family a home if I wanted to. Sometimes my wife and I spend $10 on a super lotto ticket and boy do I fantasize the entire week before the numbers are drawn lol.

My romantic fantasy of winning the lottery or coming across some large sum of money doesn’t involve buying expensive clothes, exotic cars, or anything of that nature. Instead, even in my fantasy of winning big money personally, I dream of bigger ways to give back and make sure my family is ok and more stable at the same time. For example, if we ever were gifted or won six figures, id put a down payment on a ranch style property which will give me the peace I so dearly yearn for but, also be the place where I’d build a camp where different groups of kids can visit every week, 365 days a year. An amazing place where kids in need of all kinds (and their parents) can escape the brutal reality of their situations for at least a week to recharge.

Right before I began writing this blog, I saw an article about a man who donated 2.5 million to one of the presidents campaigns. Wow.

After 6 years of giving everything I have financially, time wise, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, I think its fair to ask, why not us?!

For now, we’ll keep playing the lottery, doordashing, instacarting, and fantasizing about the day it is us and how many people we’d help with it (including ourselves). Unless nice guys and girls really do finish last 🤷🏻‍♂️


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